Missing Las Vegas Security Guard Emerges on Ellen, Gives STUNNING Account

Jesus Campos, the hotel security guard who was shot by Stephen Paddock and mysteriously went missing right before 5 scheduled interviews, opened up to Ellen Degeneres for the first time on Wednesday.

When asked by Ellen how he was doing Jesus replied, “I’m doing better each day” and he is “healing physically and mentally.”

Campos also detailed the horrifying moments leading up to discovering Stephen Paddock on the 32nd floor. He found him right before Paddock opened fire on the crowd of concert goers.

According to Campos, he was told to investigate a fire alarm on the 32nd floor. When trying to get to the 32nd floor he came to a door in the stairwell that was “drilled shut”.

He thought maybe there was construction going on, so he eventually made way to the floor and heard a loud slamming door shut, which tipped him off of Paddock’s location.

While approaching the door, he was met by “rapid fire” in which he said he felt a “burning sensation.” Paddock evidently was firing unto the hallway and shot Campos in the leg.

Campos says he was miraculously still able to get on his radio and alert his team alert his team about the fired shots.

Ellen aired the full interview today.

See The Interview Below!

Jesus Campos gained nation-wide attention last Thursday after disappearing right before Hannity was scheduled to interview him. He allegedly went to a care clinic to seek treatment, but no one has knowingly heard from him ever since until he shockingly decided to appear on Ellen.

Feature Photo: Ellen ScreenGrab)