Marco Rubio Just Made OJ Simpson Second-Guess Ever Stepping Foot Back in Florida

70-year-old OJ Simpson has been trying to get back on his feet after serving 9 years of his 33 year sentence for armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon. Since getting out of prison, he has been hanging around the Las Vegas area and weighing out what to do next.

OJ was a Florida resident when he was arrested in Las Vegas back in ’08 and there has been speculation he wants to return back to the Sunshine State. His attorney, Malcolm LaVergne is even quoted as saying, “He’s going to Florida. There’s no doubt he’s going to Florida.”

However, Florida’s attorney general Pam Bondi has made it clear that she doesn’t want OJ to step foot back in Florida. And she is so against the idea that she is trying everything to make sure he can’t serve his parole in Florida.

In Washington today, Senator Marco Rubio was asked by TMZ what he thought about the whole idea about OJ coming to Florida. Here’s the clip:


When asked if OJ would be welcome with open arms, Rubio had the perfect response:

“I assume nobody is going to harm him, you understand… he has a right to stay wherever he needs I assume, however I don’t assume he has numerous followers left down there.”

Marco Rubio is no stranger to Florida, so he would know a lot better than the average Joe how Floridians feel about OJ. And without saying it point-blank, he pretty much said OJ would not have very many on his side, if he does try to make home in Florida again.