Winds Die Down Yet Raging Wildfires Expected To Continue

Feature Photo Credit to:ABC News9 PHOTO: The ruins of houses destroyed by the Tubbs Fire are seen near Fountaingrove Parkway

Fire is still ravaging the California country side. Firefighters are holding it at bay and appears to be dying down due to the winds retreating. Although they are 60% contained, it does not mean they could not flair up again.

The area had gone many months without a good rain, hot weather and high winds. Then came the 8,000 dry lightening strikes. This has been a devastating crisis to Northern California.

The State and Federal Government acted quickly to administer help. As did, fellow neighbors and friends. Strangers taking in strangers. People helping people.

Californians have lost 1,000’s of their homes. Some of the contents of the homes can be replaced and some cannot. With 40 people who have perished in the out-of-control fires – it is them and their families that we pray and hope for healing. 

75,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Only to return to be told they cannot return. 11,000 firefighters are fighting the 15 fires – and that’s down from 21 over last week.

Some of the missing are being found – 1,560 of the 1,700. No matter the politics, there is the human element. Let’s thank all of our LEO’s and Firefighters who have tirelessly held the ravaging fires at bay.

Please watch video as the fires overtake California:


Numbers Overview:

  • 8,000 dry lightening strikes
  • 75,000 evacuated
  • 40 died in the fires
  • 11,000 Firefighters fighting 15 fires down from 21 fires
  • 1,000’s of homes destroyed
  • 1,560 of the more than 1,700 missing have been found in Sonoma
  • 60% contained
(Feature Photo Credit ABC News PHOTO: The ruins of houses destroyed by the Tubbs Fire are seen near Fountain Grove Parkway)
Please take moment to thank our LEO’s and Firefighters for all they have been doing. Drop a comment below. Thank you.