Giant Airline Denies Passengers From Singing National Anthem for Fallen Serviceman

Feature Photo Courtesy of AOL News. Soldier's wife weeps over his coffin on airport tarmac: 'This goes on every day' - Profoundly moving images of a grieving wife slumped over the casket of her Green Beret husband have been seen by nearly 1 million Facebook users.

Pam Gaudry, who is a physician, boarded a Delta Airline plane in Georgia yesterday. And on her flight, were two serviceman…one, a best friend, escorting the one who gave his life for this great country.

The one, who gave his life so that we have the right to our First Amendment was going to be honored by the passengers singing the National Anthem as he was being de-boarded by the Honor Guard. Except Delta Airlines prevented the National Anthem from being sung on their flight. Read down for the story and watch the video.

Photo Courtesy of google search and Delta Airline website. TAKING OFF — Helping Guide Our Fallen Heroes Home. The ceremony is somber yet dignified as we pull the casket from the belly of the aircraft while displaying each flag from the five branches of the military.

Pam Gaudry wanted to do something special for this young hero and for his family. She had a spontaneous idea. So she went about the cabin asking if passengers would like to sing the National Anthem as a small token of their appreciation to the family of the fallen and the fallen himself as he was carried from cargo onto the tarmac by the Honor Guard. Many said yes and a few said no. And for those who did not want to sing the National Anthem she said “that’s fine … whatever you feel comfortable doing”.

Gaudry did not insist and gently continued going seat to seat, asking other passengers if they would like to participate. Some cried and some were “thrilled out of their minds” as they said yes and overall a majority were happy to participate.

As Pam settled back into her seat. The unthinkable happened. In her own words Pam states:

“The Chief flight attendant came up to my seat and she kneeled down and she said “‘It is against company policy to do what you are doing.'”  

Gaudry continues with her recitation of the event “..and I said ‘The National Anthem? And there’s a soldier on board? And she (chief flight attendant) said ‘Yes you cannot sing the National Anthem. It is against company policy.’ And I said ‘Well, I just told every single person on this plane that we were gonna do it. Are you going to tell them not to? Because I’m not. I’m not going around to tell them not to sing.” Pam continues with her experience…

“…But they did make an announcement that we were to stay quietly in our seats and be very quiet and uh she did not tell the rest of the plane this singing the National Anthem for this soldier was against company policy. She told me that several other people on the plane were from other countries and they were uncomfortable with us singing the National Anthem.” Pam continues…

“We all sat in silent as the honor guard took the soldier off the plane. I was a little scared that I would be taken away…by… I didn’t know what would happen to me if I started singing…but I am humiliated by my lack of courage to sing the National Anthem in my own Country on American soil with a deceased soldier on the plane. I wish I could have been an example for my children…I am glad my husband, my former husband is deceased – because he would have been profoundly disappointed in me,” Pam said.

Pam, the wife of the deceased Navy Captain said, “he gave 20 years of his life to the Navy.”  Please watch the video for the this stunning event told by Pam:

“I just did the most un-courgeous thing in my life today and I hope it gets around and even to the President.” – Pam Gaudry 

Emotionally, with her voice quavering, Pam bravely continued. “I want people to know that this happened. Many people on the plane were saying – all we can do is… pray that this kind of thing doesn’t continue to happen. I wish I had had more courage to start singing. It’s too late now. I know a lot of people were upset that it didn’t happen and I guess some people are happy. So hopefully, this will get shared around the Country and people will know that it is a policy of Delta to NOT be able to sing the National Anthem on one of their planes. 

Update! Pam Gaudry issues a statement after speaking with Delta:

If you would, please leave a comment below and let Pam know that we appreciate her sentiment and find her initial action to be the essence of Patriotism in America. Thank you.

(Feature Photo Courtesy of AOL News. Soldier’s wife weeps over his coffin on airport tarmac: ‘This goes on every day’ – Profoundly moving images of a grieving wife slumped over the casket of her Green Beret husband have been seen by nearly 1 million Facebook users.)