Netanyahu Responds to Trump’s Decision on Iran

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has been more than grateful ever since Donald J. Trump became President of the United States. For 8 years, Netanyahu and his people had to suffer through Barack Obama’s foreign policy that included catering to those who are enemies of both the United States and Israel.

In under 1 year, President Trump has been able to undo a lot of the damage caused by Obama in terms of our relations with Israel. And the latest decision to not re-certify Obama’s disastrous 2015 Iranian deal has Israel and Netanyahu celebrating.

Netanyahu was so thrilled about it, he posted a video on Twitter to show the world how thankful he is of President Trump’s wise decision.

Take a look:

President Trump on Friday sent the bold message to Iran that the US is no longer under Obama’s weak leadership and they now have to face true strength.

Here he is making the announcement:

Israel has always been America’s friend and ally. It’s great that we once again have the strong bond with Israel and that is exactly what President Trump promised he would bring back if elected.

Thank goodness, unlike past Presidents, Trump is keeping his word and won’t fall back on the policies that put America in jeopardy.