HA! General Kelly SQUASHES NBC FAKE News Reports With These 8 Words!!

Feature photo credit to voanews.com

General Kelly SLAMS NBC and other news outlets who ran with the the story that President Trump was firing Kelly from an opinion piece. General Kelly – Chief of Staff – is at the the daily presser with Sarah Sanders-Huckabee aka affectionately known as “Huckabubbles”. This is the blockbuster statement he made:

“I’m NOT quitting and I’m NOT getting fired”. 

A reporter asked a follow up question and Kelly responded: “I am not frustrated with the job and I am not leaving”.

Kelly said “Being Chief of staff is the toughest job I’ve ever had” and he went on to say that his “favorite job was when I was a U.S. Marine.” 


(Feature photo credit to voanews.com)

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