TRUCKERS FOR TRUMP! President Trump LIVE in Middletown, PA

Feature Credit by: Youtube

President Trump is making his tax-reform speech RIGHT NOW in  Pennsylvania at the National Hanger to truckers and plans to make changes to business tax codes that will put more money in their pockets. President Trump said about truckers “You are our Heroes”. This will be a middle class tax reform putting about a $4,000 per family cash in their pocket savings.

President Trump Live Link:


  • plan reduces brackets from 8 to 4
  • expands 0 tax bracket
  • expands child tax
  • creates corporate tax break
  • cuts the tax in more than 80 years
  • President Trump said and all I have to say to Congressmen and women “you better get it passed”.


He walked off the stage to Credence Clearwater’s Susie Q! You have to love it! Enjoy!


(Feature photo by Youtube)