Journalist’s Body Parts Found In Denmark

Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed

On or around August 10th, Kim Wall, a journalist who was born in Malmo, Sweden went on a freelance job assignment and joined Peter Madsen, a Dane on a submarine dive. She never returned from that adventure. Her boyfriend reported her as missing and it was not until August 21st that any hint of her was found. “Her mother, Ingrid Wall, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday (Aug 15th) that the family felt “boundless sadness and dismay” at news of her death ” as reported by Buzzfeed. Although Kim was 30, any parent would feel great sadness and an unfathomable pain if their child was missing, and certainly under mysterious circumstances. Clearly, Kim Wall’s family and friends felt this way about this smart, well traveled journalist who lived much of her like abroad.

One of Kim’s friends said this about her as reported by Amber Jamieson:

Kim was a rare breed. She’d ask about digging up city election records and in the same breath remind you, with great delight, that Shakira is pregnant,” said Laura Dimon, a reporter at the New York Daily News, who went to graduate school with Wall.

Her latest article which was printed in Harpers Magazine in July of 2017 can be read here. Barry Jenkins, who produced movies like Moonlight, TRex, If Beale Street Could Talk, The Underground Railroad  tweeted this on August 21st. The same day “police in Copenhagen, Denmark found her torso at sea. Her torso had 15 stab wounds. And her her arms and head were still missing as reported by Fox News.

The mystery has come to full completion as today it has been reported by Reuters that Danish divers have found her head and arms and clothing items and a knife in a bag washed ashore near Koge Bay. The submarine owner,  Peter Madsen, a 46-year-old Danish inventor,  has been charged with killing her although he denies it. According to Reuters, “Madsen has said Wall died in an accident when she was hit by a heavy hatch cover on board his submarine.” Yet, no damage to her skull was found. Copenhagen Police Chief Investigator Jens Moeller, gave a briefing and stated:

A police prosecutor said earlier this week that officers had found images “which we presume to be real” of women being strangled and decapitated on Peter Madsen’s computer in a laboratory he ran.

Madsen said the computer searched by police was not his but was used by everyone in the laboratory. (Reporting by Teis Jensen) 

This horrific murder occured in Denmark. And what drove this “madman” named “”Madsen” to such evil we may never know. The irony of his last name is a little too much to bear. Although a very sad day for Kim’s family and friends who loved and knew her, I think knowing what happened is a part of healing the grieving process. Not only for individual families but for entire Countries as well. Will America ever find out what drove Stephen Paddock to the heights of evil to massacre over 50 innocent people? Drop a line below and let us know.

(Feature Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed. A photo of Swedish journalist Kim Wall who was aboard a submarine “UC3 Nautilus” before it sank. TT NEWS AGENCY/ Tom Wall Handout via REUTERS)