Holy WOW!! Stephen Hawking Did A Complete 180 and SHOCKED Everyone!

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Science is closing in on GOD!​

The well-known and award-winning English theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, considered by many to be the “Einstein” of his generation, surprised the scientific community during a lecture at the University of Cambridge on August 16, 2017, when he announced that he believed that “some form of intelligence” was actually behind the creation of the Universe.

The world-famous scientist declared that his years of research on the creation of the cosmos have led him to isolate a strange scientific factor that he calls the God factor which he says is in many ways contrary to the universal laws of physics. According to Hawking, this odd phenomenon of a higher intelligence would be at the beginning of the process of creation and would have played a great role in establishing the actual structure of the Universe. What surprised the audience of fellow scientists and science students during this lecture is the fact that for a long time Dr. Hawking had clearly and steadfastly maintained that there was no God and considered himself a staunch atheist. Three years before, in 2014, during an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, he said:

“What I meant by ‘we would know the mind of God’ is, we would know everything that God would know, if there were a God. Which there isn’t. I’m an atheist.” (emphasis added) Hawking explained that the near death experience (NDE) of his brother, who was clinically dead for 43 minutes after a heart attack in October of 2016, spurred him to re-evaluate his research on cosmology which radically changed his view on the nature of human consciousness and the Universe as a whole. Many in the audience at Cambridge U. could not be more disappointed and criticized their idol’s comments as the product of a mind close to senility! So much for true scientific inquiry. ​

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The scale of the Universe is impossible to imagine

During his lecture Hawking made clear: “My brother has always been a role model for me. His rational, cunning and no non-sense mind has shaped my personality into the person I am today and has led me into the study of the fascinating world of physics. But since his accident last October, he has come back a changed man. He has told me of the existence of a sentient being, of another world we mortals are unaware of, he has told me of God. Modern science relies on the perception that consciousness lies within the human brain, but what my brother experienced during his clinical death, I cannot explain.

Does consciousness lie outside of the human body? Is the human brain just a receptor, capable of receiving the ‘consciousness wave’ as AM/FM radios receive radio waves? These are questions modern science has not yet answered and could redefine our view of the Universe and modern physics completely” Hawking also later admitted that “intelligent design” doesn’t in any way prove that God exists, but only that a “God-like force” played a role in the creation of our Universe, approximately 13.8 billion years ago. ​

Dr. Hawking’s new views on the nature of the universe, the survival of human consciousness beyond physical death and a universal intelligence-creator are symbolic of what an increasing number of well- known scientists from different disciplines is beginning to accept as a valid field of study. This increasing interest on the part of the scientific community is due primarily to the characteristics and proven effects of the Quantum Theory, also known as Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

​A brief review of the very basic principles and experimental proofs of quantum mechanics will explain the line where religion and science intersect with respect to Dr. Hawking’s (and other prominent scientists) on a “God like” force. The Quantum world refers to particles smaller than atoms (sub-atomic). These smallest units, of which there are thousands, behave in totally different ways than the laws of classical physics. One of the first proven notions in Quantum Physics is that of particle entanglement(PE). Particle Entanglement or non-locality is a term used in quantum theory to describe the way that separated sub-atomic particles of energy/matter can become correlated or entangled to predictably interact with each other regardless of how far apart they are from the point of division. This means that when a sub-atomic particle, such as a photon or an electron, is divided in half, and one half is placed miles apart from the other, when one particle is stimulated, the other one reacts instantaneously.

This suggests some sort of link that is not an energy that we can detect, nor is it a vibration that connects the separated particles. PE is also known as the non-locality of the smallest components of all matter because all these sub-atomic particles can exist entangled in more than one location at the same time. Several experiments by scientists at several universities have amply proven the reality of PE. One proposed theory to explain PE suggests that all particles in the universe were once packed tightly together before the Big Bang, and, as a consequence, maintain their connectedness after the initial sudden expansion.

Physicist Dr. Nic Herbert, (PhD in physics, Stanford University, 1959), senior physicist at Memorex Corporation in Santa Clara, CA, and former Chief Physicist at Smith Corona Marchant Corporation, opines that “we (meaning scientists) have merely discovered an elemental oneness of the universe.” This oneness is not in any way diminished by their separation in space. “An invisible, and as yet undetectable, ‘totality’, which is not a force or energy or anything physical, known to humans, unites the objects that are created in the universe. It is as if everything in our universe is part and parcel of an unimaginably huge ‘fabric’ or ‘totality’ “. According to Dr. Herbert, this is the “totality” that results from the entanglement of quantum particles that underlie everything contained in the universe. The property of entanglement of sub-atomic particles and the fact that they are nonlocal lies at the core of the conviction that the same force or “intelligence” (Hawking’s “God-like force”) that produced the “Big Bang” also continues to intervene in the affairs of the universe, humans included. – Author, Juan C. Perez

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Guest Author: Juan C. Perez is a retired psycholinguist. He has worked at the University of Houston, Miami Dade College and other institutions of higher learning in Texas and Florida. Prof. Perez, a former Baptist minister, has traveled the world extensively, has written successful grants, and initiated international programs in several parts of the world. During his travels and stays abroad, he developed a keen interest in comparative religion and later on in the scientific trend towards spirituality.

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(Feature Photo Courtesy of Collective Evolution Stephen Hawking )

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