Sarah Sanders Makes Acosta Throw A Fit In Most Laid Back Presser To Date

Feature Photo: Screen shot and Dagger News

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, White House Press Secretary takes on the Press again! After “Huckabubbles” had the press in a light hearted mood and even laughing on a Friday afternoon…she began with a statement about a simple, fair and easy to understand Tax Plan. She announced a proclamation the President will be signing and October 6th will be National Manufacturing Day.

Three times, three different reporters asked about the President’s comment last night regarding the “calm before the storm” just before his meeting with his Military Leaders. When asked what he meant he responded “you’ll find out.” 

Of course CNN freaked out. Click here to read about their outrage d’jour from last night.

Sarah had this, basically, to say in response:

I would trust the words of the President and not what you read in the media. 

Jim Acosta was the third and final reporter who asked what the President meant and Sarah repeated herself for the THIRD time that the President is not going to give his plan away.

She also said:

The President addressed this himself. He does not want to lay out his game plan to the ‘adversaries’… We have seen what a failure it has been in other administrations

She also said:

As we have said many times before .. I have and he has…from this podium… we are never going to say in advance what the President will do .

“His main concern is protecting the American people.”

“The President is the one keeping the world from chaos.”

Acosta tweeted from the press room:

View the Presser in it’s entirety below:

(Feature Photo: Screen shot and Dagger News)

If you are happy with the job Sarah Huckabee-Sanders (affectionately known as “Huckabubbles”) is doing as Press Secretary – drop a line below and let us know!

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  1. Alka McNutt | October 6, 2017 at 6:19 PM |

    I think Sarah is doing a fantastic job. She handles the press with ease. Keep it up Sarah

  2. I love her. She is strong. She kicks butt! Best ever! You go!

  3. She is an amazing woman…..doing a fantastic job.

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