NYT Contributor Has Profanity-Laced MELTDOWN Over Ivanka

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WOW! You know it’s time to start replacing journalist’s when they cannot keep their obvious hatred and vileness to a private setting. This “journalist”, Ben Berkon – a baseball writer – who writes for The New York Times and Forbes – went on a full frontal attack on Ivanka and the Trump family. He even insulted Trump’s young GRANDCHILDREN. What kind of journalist does THAT? Defenseless CHILDREN are not safe from this foul mouthed sports writer. Just wow. How far has that “profession” fallen. Below, is a sample of the screen shots taken from his account: LANGUAGE WARNING! Ben Berkon uses foul language! If you do not want to be exposed to his atrocious language skills please skip the following photo. And KNOW that none of it is acceptable. Also, it might be important to note that he needs to enlarge his vocabulary skills. Low brow for certain and not for weak stomachs! The hate laid on Ivanka and Trump’s grandchildren hits an ALL TIME LOW by this hardcore leftist NYT/FORBES Journalist!

Photo Compliments of: Jim E. at The Political Insider from Ben Berkon’s Public Twitter account

The irony is that he had no problem laying down insult after insult on the entire Trump family but then DISABLED HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT instead of enduring the same heat he dished out! Can you say, yellow belly chicken? 

If this is the best the left can bring to the table to write their baseball articles, maybe it’s time to clean house! 

(Feature Photo compliments of Google Search and Dagger News)

Do you agree the left leaning journalists have taken their hatred toward the President and his family too far? Leave a note below and let us know!

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  1. Barbara Wall | October 7, 2017 at 11:16 PM |

    the outrageous behavior is epidemic…scary

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