BREAKING: LV Sheriff Releases New Details in Investigation Update

“A LOT yet nothing was revealed in the 40 minute press conference – we know some – but what we don’t know is the key question: “Why did a 64 year old accountant murder a massive amount of random strangers?” queried Tucker Carlson. We want to make sense of it yet it remains a mystery. The following are the 20 points from Sheriff Joseph Lombardo’s latest update on the Las Vegas massacre:


  • The Mandalay Bay Hotel room was rented through Air B&B and they are cooperating

  • More ammo was found in Paddocks’s car at Mandalay Bay , including 50 pounds of “tannerite” which is ignited by gunfire and that much had the ability to blow a massive chunk of the building

  • Paddock meticulously planned the worst domestic attack in U.S. History 

  • There were three scopes found 

  • The piece of paper was not a suicide note

  • There are people who know Paddock who can help us understand him

  • Troublesome that Paddock was able to move all the weapons unassisted

  • 12 guns were modified inside the Hotel room

  • None of Paddock’s cameras were recording

  • Still evaluating crime scene will take up to 5 days

  • There were signs that he planned to survive it but Sherriff can’t tell us

  • Las Vegas deaths still at 59

  • Paddock was living a secret life which we still don’t understand

  • We still have more interviews to conduct regarding Paddock

  • Paddock fired the first shots at 10:05 PM 

  • There are people who know Paddock who can help us understand him

  • There is evidence the shooter wanted to survive or escape

  • The Sheriff ended by asking: Do you think he did this on his own? He had to have some help….it would be hard for me to believe that he did this on his own

  • Aaron Rounse is the FBI Special Agent In Charge and spoke next. He said: We need to deal with facts. We’re not gong to publicize. So we can be accurate. We don’t want to taint anyone. We have nothing to conclude it is terrorism. We hope to give concrete facts as to why this happened. 

  •  Another official spoke next and stated to the Press: I am begging you to show some patience. Please stop asking the same question 3 or 4 ways. They are dealing in facts. I implore you to show some patience. And they are not going to deal in conjecture. Especially with conspiracy theories on social media.

Do you agree with Tucker – Is it remarkable how much we don’t know ? Drop a comment below and let us know.

(Feature Photo: Compliments of Dagger News)