Butterfinger and Bears Go Head To Head on Twitter!

Another disappointing loss for The Bears! The MOST hilarious exchange took place during Thursday night football between the candy giant – Butterfinger and the Chicago Bears! Butterfinger was having a GREAT time throwing down the slams on The Bears who were responding in this epic exchange! The Bears were playing the Green Bay Packers and were losing. Butterfinger was no holds barred during their Troll Level 10 of The Bears!

Butterfinger started with:

And the Chicago Bears responded! Telling Butterfinger to stick to candy! LOL….except the The Bears were losing points quicker than a candy bar could be consumed by a hungry teenager!

That was a good one…but Butterfinger shot back with:

LOL…the score slipped even lower and Butterfinger now was in FULL TROLL LEVEL 10!

Not to outdo themselves…Butterfinger SLAMMED The Bears again with this one:

And then this…. LOL….

At this point, it was clear that Butterfinger had won this battle…the same way the Green Bay Packers beat The Bears 35-14! Maybe they won’t get “butter knees” next game!

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(Feature Photo Compliments of: Google Search/Target online marketing)