Eric Bolling Breaks Silence and Reacts to Price’s Resignation in EPIC Fashion

Eric Bolling has remained relatively quiet as he’s been dealing with one of the hardest times he has ever faced. The former host of FOX News has been dealing with the tragic loss of his son after being let go by FOX over allegations he intends on proving to be false.

Today Bolling broke his silence to make a statement about the recent resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price, who resigned from his post today after it was revealed that he repeatedly chartered private planes for government travel.

According to several reports, President Trump ordered Price to resign and Eric Bolling made this statement on Twitter soon after hearing the news:

Bolling is likely to rile up Trump supporters across the nation with his statement that came completely out of nowhere. He has always been a strong opponent against “The Swamp” during his reign on the air. One can only wonder where his career will take him next, as he, like Bill O’Reilly, still have remarkably high popularity in America.

(Headline Image Source: The View/YouTube Screengrab)