4 GOP Senators Are About to Make Obama EXTREMELY Happy

Senate Republicans have until Sept 30th to pass a Health Care Bill. It’s the last standing Bill for this session. With the vote standing 52/48 they can only afford to lose  2 GOP Senators. The Vote has not happened yet but it is disappointing.

And at least 3 GOP Senators oppose Graham Cassidy bill pointing to another GOP HEALTH CARE loss.

The White House says it believes a Senate health care bill that appears headed for defeat is “still good legislation.

“With no Democratic support expected, three “no” votes from Republicans would appear to doom the bill. Republicans control 52 Senate seats and Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona and Rand Paul of Kentucky have said they will not vote for the bill.” per the Associated Press – Washington – Sept 26,2017., 9:42 AM ET. And although Ted Cruz of Texas, spoke out vehemently against – it appears he will either not show to vote or has changed his vote as he is not on the most recent list of nay sayers.

RINO ALERT or do  you think they think they can do better after 7 years of preparation?

Collins expected to vote AGAINST Graham Cassidy

Photo by:Bangor Daily News Susan Collins (R-ME)

McCain expected to vote AGAINST Graham Cassidy

Photo by: CNN Political John McCain (R-AZ)

Paul expected to vote AGAINST Graham Cassidy

Photo by: CNN Political Rand Paul (R-KY)

UPDATE: 6:13PM EST GOP shifts to Tax care after health care bill pulled. McConnell announced they will not vote on the bill. Graham said “It took 18 months to get Obama care and it might take that long to REPEAL Obama care.”

Are you for a full repeal and replace of Obamacare?

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(Featured Photo Courtesy of: Fox News)