Photographer Offered BIG $$$ For Kathy Griffin/Trump Beheading Photo

Just months ago, Kathy Griffin faced major uproar after posing in a photo depicting her holding the bloody head of President Trump as if she beheaded him.

The President’s son, Barron Trump, was traumatized after seeing the photo on TV without being forewarned that it was fake and she faced nation-wide backlash. As a result, Griffin was fired by CNN and lost key sponsorships and gigs, sending her in a downward spiral.

But now that time has passed, TMZ has learned through their sources that the photographer of the disgusting photo shoot is being offered large sums of money for the original picture.

Per TMZ’s Article:

Sources close to Tyler Shields– who took the shot of Kathy holding the fake, bloody head resembling President Trump — tell us he’s already gotten over 1,000 offers from folks interested in buying a print of his controversial art piece … many reaching 6 figures.

We’re told an art collector offered Shields $150k for an original print, but we’re told he passed … ’cause he wants more to put it in ink. He has a print size in mind for anyone interested — 72″ x 52″ … a one size fits all type deal. 

As if Kathy Griffin’s stunt wasn’t bad enough, it’s troubling to think people would be willing to fork out thousands of dollars to have something like that hanging in their home. Strange times we’re living in!

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