Clooney Confesses He Exchanges “Racy” Texts With Obama

It’s no secret George Clooney deeply admires former President Barack Obama, as most out-of-touch Hollywood elites like him do. Over the course of Obama’s 8-year term, he and Clooney became relatively close.

But eyebrows were raised this week after Clooney admitted during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he exchanges “racy” texts with Obama. Clooney discussed the nature of the texts during the interview:

“Not Scaramucci-racy, but you know, I have over the years with my friends said a lot of really [outrageous things].

The interview quoted only a single text from the president: “What a jerk!” One can only wonder what the two of them discuss on a regular basis, considering Trump continues to crush Obama’s legacy and it hurts their feelings.

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2 Comments on "Clooney Confesses He Exchanges “Racy” Texts With Obama"

  1. Nice article!

  2. Hollywood ? I don’t know who you are talking about !! They are all dead to me ! No one really gives a damn what they have to say or do !!! HOLLYWEIRD IS So Entitled AND OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY !! They all live in their own make believe movie ? Where everyone hangs on their every word ! And actually cares what they have to say !
    NOT ANYMORE !! We are sick of them !! I will never put any money in their pockets ! I’m pretty sure that anyone with half a brain is sick of their whiny ass attitude !! These same Snowflake Celebrities have insulted us ! The people they depend on to watch their pathetic movies ! This is how out of touch these losers are ! They think they can insult us and we will continue to adore them !!!! And pay to see their movies ??? WRONG !

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