The Dog Has A Great Point!

Do You Think Antifa Should Be Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Group?

Based on August 2017 Gallup Polls

Paid Fact-Checkers Used By Facebook Have Deep Liberal Bias! Unfair!

Where was the outrage when Obama didn’t call out Radical Islamic Terrorists?

Obama gave billions to our enemy during times of natural disasters and the media never said a word!

Some People Must Either Have Bad Amnesia or They Are Completely Blind

Our Congress Is Terrible, Just Terrible!

Where Was The Uproar When We Had A President That Shared A Name With Saddam?

You Can’t Delete History…

Never Tear Down Memorials!

Fake News Is Very Offensive!

Democrats Must Not Be Familiar With The Story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

There’s at least a little truth behind that! Haha!

Will Hillary ever stop making excuses?