Sara Carter Explains Why She’s ‘Not Surprised’ Trump Is Now Up To 50% Hispanic Support

Fox News, Daily Mail

Investigative journalist Sara Carter appeared on Laura Ingraham of Fox News, where she discussed President Trump’s growing favorability among the Hispanic population.

A recent poll shows the President’s support among Latinos has grown to 50%, which is a 19% increase compared to 31% in 2018.

The poll was conducted after President Trump pushed for wall funding during the shutdown, proving that the issue of border security is not a make or break for America’s Hispanic community.

Carter, who is half Cuban, gave her take as to what led to the sudden shift among Latinos.

She said, “I’m not surprised at all, and I’ve seen it in the Hispanic communities. As you know, Laura, I’m half Cuban, so I speak the language. I grew up in a Latino community. I’m very familiar with it.”

She continued, “The job market is great, we’re seeing increase. Our economy is roaring, at least right now.” Video Below

Carter then brought up how Target recently took their minimum wage up on their own to $13.00/hr, which is a big deal cause it indicates wages are going up naturally.

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She concluded, “Hispanics are conservatives, they’re hard workers, they’re good people, they’re family oriented, and this is that type of messaging is reaching them.” Video Below