Dan Bongino Rips Brenda Snipes Over Her Role In Florida’s Election ‘Debacle’

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On Saturday, Dan Bongino appeared on Fox & Friends and weighed in on the ‘debacle’ that is currently playing out in Florida, specifically in Broward County.

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has been under intense scrutiny for her handling of ballots that were casted for Tuesday’s midterms.

Since Tuesday, tens of thousands of ballots have mysteriously been added to her initial reported total.

Aside from that, ballots have not been counted in a timely matter, leading many to wonder what is behind the holdup. Especially, since 65 of 67 Florida counties had no issues reporting their totals within a half hour after polls closed as required by law.

Bongino, a Florida resident, started out by making the joke , “Now we have a new thing in Florida. It’s called late voting…the election just goes on forever and ever.

But jokes aside, Bongino criticized Snipes saying, “She had one job…as the Election Supervisor. Just count the votes! She doesn’t even know how many votes are outstanding!” Video Below

Bongino said that Snipes has “really screwed this up,” and she needs to be removed from her post.

He pointed out how members on both sides are fed up with what’s going on in Broward County and stated, “Broward county is a Democrat county and Democrats have complained about what is going on there.”

Moving forward, Dan said the State Board of Elections and Florida’s Secretary of State needs to review the failures in Broward County to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Video Below

Dan Bongino Rips Brenda Snipes For Causing Florida’s Election Debacle