WOMP WOMP: ‘Roseanne Reboot’ Learns A Hard Lesson Without The Star Of The Show

Image Source: TV Insider & Pinterest Enhancement. Dagger News Compilation.

Oh to be ABC and watch the Roseanne …er the Conners ratings spiral downward faster than the great stock market crash of 1929.

Imagine a world where ABC executives are jumping out of windows because they made a REALLY BAD MISTAKE that is costing them MILLIONS by letting Roseanne go. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Did ABC really think people would watch the Conner’s without Roseanne in it?

“ABC’s reboot of the Roseanne show is a total flop – coming in dead last in ratings this week, according to Showbiz 411which adds that just one more episode has been ordered,Zerohedge reported.

Roseanne laughing! Photo credit to google search with bravotv.com.

Roseanne laughing! Photo credit to google search with bravotv.com.

Showbiz 411 reported, “The Conners” dropped in everything last night–total viewers, key demo. In the nightly ratings battle, the “Roseanne” spin off continues to trend downward.”

Tuesay night, the Conners came in dead last. They were beaten by everything! Showbiz 411 said, “NCIS,” “The Voice,” etc. This was their first really objective run, no World Series, nothing to distract potential viewers.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“But the key demo sank, which isn’t a good sign. And the total viewers were down by 180K, which is a lot, frankly. People are leaving and they’re not coming back,” Showbiz 411 gave the final death blow to ABC.

Maybe ABC should have listened to the Country Nationalist and saved a few million! He tweeted, “I told y’all that I should write a song for Roseanne so here it is. You might recognize the tune to it, so I hope you all will share for Roseanne! We’ve got your back Roseanne.” Give it a listen in the video below!


Check out the song!