Liberal Latino Perez Hilton Issues A Stunning Message In Support Of Ending Birthright Citizenship

Perez Hilton supports President Trump on ending birthright citizenship. Photo credit to Dagger News with screen shots.

Perez Hilton is from Miami and he has been blowing up the internet on his thoughts about immigration.

Since Perez Hilton is a liberal, most would expect him to be ‘everything and anything’ against President Trump. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Perez Hilton supports President Trump’s immigration policy.

Specifically, the Hollywood gossip columnist and liberal blogger, is all about supporting ending birthright immigration or eliminating anchor babies.

In a series of tweets, he surprised his liberal audience by tweeting, “I don’t agree with Donald Trump on many things, but I DO think that if a child is born in America to parents who are here illegally that they should not be granted automatic citizenship. And I say this as a liberal and Latina!”

Additionally, Perez Hilton is the son of immigrants. And in the video below he said, “I would like policies that would discourage illegal immigration.”

Just because someone is a minority does not mean they are automatically ‘for’ a mass exodus of illegal immigrants entering our borders. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The WalkAway Campaign is in full swing just days before the midterm election.

It’s no secret that many democrats are casting their votes for Republican’s now. And Perez Hilton is doing his part to make that happen. And Republican’s still need to go vote red for the midterms.

He said of his supporters who left him because of his immigration stance, “I saw so many people, on every social media platform saying, ‘I’m unfollowing  you.’  My response to them is “byyyyeeeee”.

In ending, Perez Hilton said, “I don’t want fickle people in my life. I want family. I may not always agree with my family but I will always love my family.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

WATCH Perez Hilton explain his thoughts on immigration and his controversial comments.

See his tweet below: