Caught On Camera: Bernie’s Special Rally Appearance Falls Flat With Embarrassing Turnout

Photo via Medium, Screen Shot and Dagger News Compilation

On Wednesday, Andrew Gillum had hopes of gaining some last-minute steam in Florida’s neck-and-neck race for governor, as Senator Bernie Sanders made a special appearance to stump for the mayor at two universities.

However, as Sanders spoke at the University of Central Florida, one major problem was captured on film.

Barely anyone showed up to see Bernie! Where’s the Blue Wave?

A spectator’s camera panned around the arena and exposed hundreds of empty seats and only dozens of spectators in the crowd at UCF.

This is a rare occurance for Sanders who was adored by millenials in the 2016 election and was able to pull in masses of crowds at his rallies.

According to Fox 13, Bernie voiced his disappointment that, “There are 2,900 eligible voters from this university, all of 81 have voted so far. That is pathetic.”

But what was even more pathetic was the dismal crowd size of maybe 700 that showed up to see Bernie, as President Trump was able to garner over 8,000 supporters in a packed-full house on the same day for the DeSantis rally in Fort Myers, according to American Mirror. See Videos Below

Video Showing Tiny Bernie Turnout

Video Capture of Huge Turnout For Trump/DeSantis Rally

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