Dennis Miller Calls Out Who He Believes Are The Two Best Reporters In America

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In a country where majority of the mainstream media constantly attack and undermine President Trump, it’s tough finding talking heads that can report the facts.

And like many Americans, comedian Dennis Miller has grown tired of it.

Investigative journalism is nearly DEAD. There is so much spicy information floating around that goes un-reported.

As much of America’s media would rather bury the facts that would make President Trump look good and the Democrat Party look bad, Dennis Miller came to his senses and pointed out who he believes are America’s best reporters.

Miller said, “The two best reporters in America are Catherine Herridge and Sara Carter.”

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Dennis Miller Calls Out Who He Believes Are America’s Best Reporters (Official Tweet)

Miller made a solid point that can’t go unnoticed! If it weren’t for Carter, Herridge and a handful of others involved in the media, much of the plots against our President and the corruption that exists within DC’s swamp would go un-exposed.

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Instead, journalism nowadays has turned in to more of a disgusting Trump bash fest and nothing but an arm for the Democrat Party. So for Miller to shine light on the beautiful work done by America’s investigative journalists is truly an excellent move.

In ending, here’s a fairly current interview by Larry King with Dennis Miller where Miller discusses Trump, politics and other topics.