Judge Hands Keith Ellison A Grueling Setback In His Quest To Hide The Past

Keith Ellison is DENIED. Photo credit to Dagger News compilation with WCCO - Minnesota Screen Shot.Keith Ellison is DENIED. Photo credit to Dagger News compilation with WCCO - Minnesota Screen Shot.

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) is embroiled in his #MeToo moment from his ex-girlfriend. He’s also under fire with his ex-wife!

The Democrat is running for the Minnesota attorney general position and the people are beginning to see what he is all about.

Keith Ellison poll numbers fall like a rock!

First, Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, has been suppressed by the Democrats!

She posted a tweet that said, “When I post this, it gets deleted every time.” It is a photograph of the medical records that name Ellison as her physical abuser.

Brietbart reported, “Monahan, who posted a tweet in September with a photo of a 2017 medical document identifying Ellison as her abuser, has been dragged through the mud by the Democrat Party since she came forward in 2017 with her allegations against Ellison:”

See tweet below: 

Second, Ellison is fighting to not have his divorce records unsealed. He wants them held private.

The Star Tribune reported there is a push, “…to unseal the divorce file following a domestic abuse allegation from Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan. She said he tried to drag her off a bed during an argument in 2016.”

Additionally, “divorce files are typically public, but courts will usually agree to seal them if both parties agree on it. The Ellisons argued in their petition that they have not had a chance to protect “sensitive medical and financial information” before it becomes public,’ as reported by the Star Tribune.

The Judge wasn’t having it though. And the records will be unsealed before they can be be picked through. Ellison lost that battle as his poll numbers continue to slide into oblivion.