Herschel Walker Doubles Down, Reveals Why The Left Is So Against Trump

Herschel Walker doubles down on his support for President Trump. Photo credit to Dagger News compilation with screen shots.Herschel Walker doubles down on his support for President Trump. Photo credit to Dagger News compilation with screen shots.

In recent days, President Trump and Mr. West caused a leftist meltdown. And former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker is still running plays to keep America great!

In an absolutely brilliant reply to the left, Herschel leaves ZERO doubt of which side of right is RIGHT. (VIDEO BELOW.)

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The left completely character assassinated Kanye West for supporting the President. They called him names and invoked Kanye’s mother who has passed away.

No couth, no class from the left. And as Herschel joined Fox News, he said, “If you have anything to say GOOD about this President, you are going to be DEMONIZED. And I think, that’s what is WRONG.” 

Herschel should know, too. He reminded everyone, “I supported the President when he first came out. I knew…I KNOW the man. I’ve known him for YEARS. And I’ll stand behind him.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Herschel has stood by President Trump.

During the NFL National Anthem stand-off – Mr. Walker defended President Trump with all of his might.

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During the Fox News interview, Herschel went on to say, “I don’t care what ANYONE says.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Firmly and with great resolve the football great said, “I know the type of guy he is. I know he’s not a racist!

But one of things that people have gotten WRONG,” Herschel said with a smile in his eyes, “I’ve never heard Donald Trump say ‘I’m trying to do something GREAT for China’.

He’s done SO many GREAT things for THIS Country.” Mr. Walker said, “You have everyone one the left… trying to STOP what he is trying to do. And look at the things he’s done.”

Clearly, Herschel is referring to the Tax Cuts and the deregulations. Also, the strong economy and the low unemployment and high job numbers across America. Additionally, those things – benefit EVERYONE. (VIDEO BELOW.)

And not just that,” Herschel reminded America about the recent release of Pastor Brunson from Turkey, “he’s got so many people released to come home.” 

“I think it’s a WIN WIN for this administration,” the former Heisman Trophy winner told America!

WATCH Herschel Walker double down on his support for President Trump after the left attack Kanye West.