Two Months Later, Ann Coulter’s Remarks On Roseanne’s Firing Still Hold Strong

Ann Coulter on Ingraham Angle regarding Roseanne. Photo credit to Dagger News screen grab compilation.Ann Coulter on Ingraham Angle regarding Roseanne. Photo credit to Dagger News screen grab compilation.

Wow! Talk about a powerful pair of women taking up prime screen time! This is great!

Ann Coulter joins Laura Ingraham on Fox News and they discuss the liberal media who are able to get away with ANYTHING yet Republicans are not!

Ann tells ALL about WHY Roseanne was fired from ABC.

The power pair discuss how the Roseanne show was DUMPED from ABC.

Ann says, “I never saw the old show or the new show. But she was getting ratings like we haven’t even heard of for twenty years!

Coulter goes on to say, “to be dumping THAT show because of CRAZY tweets she was sending?” Ann asks rhetorically.

Then answers her own question by pointing out the obvious about Roseanne Barr!

In an epic one liner Ann Coulter says, “She was ALWAYS sending crazy tweets! This is nothing new!

In case you wondered if there is truly BIAS in the media, Ann points out, “If they really cared about offensive tweets and so on. Then obviously, Samantha Bee and Joy Reid wouldn’t be on air.

Samantha Bee tweets an insult so vulgar about Ivanka Trump that the BBC, Vanity Fair, USA Today and a CBS local station ALL were stunned at Bee’s comment.

Yet, TBS still has Bee and her show Full Frontal on air.

Moreover, although Samantha apologizes, Roseanne was not afforded the opportunity to apologize. Further dividing ABC as a biased news medium.

Additionally, MSNBC’s Joy Reid is still out there making the most outrageous statements!

Joy Reid has enjoyed a 20% drop in viewership, Fox News reports.

Perhaps, ABC cancelled Roseanne because the ratings were so high they feared shaping Trump support as part of the fabric of society.

It’s obvious to America that ABC, MSNBC, CBS and other’s are filled with liberal bias in the uppermost decision-making positions.

Additionally, the producers have an obvious agenda which is liberal and not conservative ala Orwell’s novel “1984”. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the video of Ann and Laura on the Ingraham Angle!  

In closing, when Laura says, “Liberals say anything they want about women, minorities and Jews. And get away with it.” Do you agree? Drop your comment below!