Fitton Slams Down The TEN-TON HAMMER on Mueller That Rattles To Sessions’ Door Step

Tom Fitton (Reddit), Mueller (Screen Grab), Sessions (Wonkette)

On Thursday, reports surfaced that suggested Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team are now shifting their investigation to President Trump’s tweets.

Critics, including the President himself, are claiming this latest maneuver is a pure sign that Mueller’s team has found no evidence of Russian collusion. And it is quite possibly a desperate attempt to bring down Trump on situations completely unrelated to what they were hired to investigate in the first place. Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton weighed in with a hardcore response. See Below

In relation to rumors circulating that the Special Counsel is shifting the investigation toTrump’s tweets and public interviews, Fitton fired off a statement directed to both Robert Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Fitton said:

“Mueller special counsel’s investigating @RealDonaldTrump‘s tweets and public interviews is, plain and simple, abuse and harassment. Who is running the show at the Justice Department that would allow this to continue? Shut it down!?

See Official Tweet Below


When Is Enough, Enough?

With almost two years after the 2016 election, the tax-draining investigation into President Trump’s campaign seems to have grown desperate. All while the President has made the lives better for millions of Americans and is fulfilling his campaign promises.

And these same millions of Americans have grown tired and weary of the extent that Mueller’s hand is reaching just to try taking out a President who clearly cares about America.

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Fitton indirectly called out Sessions for his ineptness and letting this continue on without a fight. Afterall, Sessions technically controls the DOJ and is sitting back, allowing the man he once campaigned for to be harassed like he is.

Do you agree with Fitton that the time has finally come for some intervention? Comment below and tell us what you think!