DiGenova Comes Forward With The Key Reason Why Rosenstein ‘Deserves’ Impeachment

Fox Screen Grab, Dagger News Compilation

Joe diGenova, former D.C. U.S. Attorney was on FIRE during a recent interview with Fox News on Hannity.

diGenova calls for a GRAND JURY to investigate everybody involved in the signing of those FSIA court applications. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The EXPLOSIVE interview begins!

Hannity reminds his audience, which is rather large since he enjoys the NUMBER ONE spot in the TOP WATCHED cable network!

Hannity tells everyone that he signed the FISA applications, “Rod Rosenstein signed the last one. The third renewal. The fourth all together.”

And diGenova launches into an epic recanting of what has happened!

The former U.S. Attorney states, “Well, there’s no doubt that Rod Rosenstein DESERVES everything that he is getting. Whether or not impeachment is the right way to go doesn’t even matter any more.”

Without missing a beat, diGenova says, “Rosenstein, remember, didn’t even READ the final application. He had people explain to him what was in it.”

Rosenstein is the one responsible for the crisis, that the President has faced in the Mueller probe,” he continues.

Without Rosenstein there is no Mueller probe. He did it purposefully to avoid having to make difficult decisions in a political investigation. He should be ashamed of himself, he is getting precisely what he deserves,” diGenova chastises the Deputy Attorney General.

Then Hannity says, “If I lied to a FISA judge,” he continues, “you couldn’t get me out of jail!”

 diGenova interrupts him and says, “This case is over,” referring to the Mueller probe.

Hannity couldn’t believe his ears! He quizzically asks, “What?

So, diGenova re-states in no uncertain terms, “Sean, this case is over.”

Specifically, diGenova explains, “The FBI under Obama and the Department of Justice under Obama – with John Carlin, the Assistant Attorney General for National Security LIED to the FISA Court. Hid material information from the FISA court. It is an OUTRAGEOUS abuse of power.”

John P. Carlin

John P. Carlin

Di Genova continues, “And if Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein have not begun a Grand Jury to investigate ALL the people involved in the PHONY DOSSIER. And everything involved on it. Ultimately when Mueller is done, Rosenstein and Sessions should be FIRED.”

This is a clear case of criminal law violation in the FISA application. It was clearly a FRAUD committed on the FISA court,” he states.

Furthermore, diGenova rails, “And it is beyond belief, that nothing, publicly known, has been done to hold it accountable! Everybody involved in the signing of those applications for the FISA court,” should be held accountable.

WATCH the explosive interview with diGenova and Sean Hannity. 

In ending, are you with diGenova on this? Would you like to see a Grand Jury assess what happened with the FISA court abuse? Drop your comment below and let us know!