HOUSE HAVOC: Trey Gowdy Unloads On Democrats Over Their Obama Amnesia

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On Tuesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on the role of government to ensure the integrity of the U.S. election system as America approaches the 2018 midterms.

The meeting came, conveniently, right after President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And Trey Gowdy called out lawmakers and their hypocrisy by being concerned about conversations Trump and Putin may have had. Gowdy told it like it is, primarily targeting Democrats in his statement. VIDEO BELOW

Key figures got their turn to talk during the multi-hour long hearing, but Gowdy’s remarks topped them all.

In a clip that we provided below, Gowdy is heard discussing the subject of Democrats wanting to have hearings based on what Putin and Trump may have discussed in their meeting.

Gowdy called out the hypocrisy by saying, “We haven’t had hearings about what Trump discussed with Vladimir Putin, just like we haven’t had hearings about what President Obama was discussing with Vladimir Putin while the hacking was going on in 2016. We had no hearings about that.”

Video Below


BOOM! Gowdy laid it down and called out the hypocrisy of the left!

Many critics often are puzzled that while Democrats seem to be so concerned about election integrity at the moment, why do they not seem to care about issues surrounding voter ID laws and potential non-citizens voting in America’s elections.

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But despite all of that, Gowdy couldn’t do a better job of putting into words what many Republicans have been thinking for quite some time. And that is: Where is all of the Democrat uproar over Obama’s Russia and Putin meetings?

And besides that, Obama’s administration was in charge when known Russian meddling was taking place. But somehow this all falls on Trump? Something smells really funky with that logic…

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