Leftist Disney Filmmaker In Hot Water After The Past Comes Back To Bite Him

Filmmaker James Gunn attacks conservatives and has a history. Photo credit to Dagger News enhancements with (L) Contact Music (R) Disney.Filmmaker James Gunn attacks conservatives and has a history. Photo credit to Dagger News enhancements with (L) Contact Music (R) Disney.

Ben Shapiro is a conservative millennial with a big reach. Furthermore, he makes sense. This causes the Hollywood crowd to say stupid things and win stupid prizes.

In the wake of Whoopi Goldberg’s full display of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) on National television yesterday, the leftist’s meltdowns are becoming more frequent.

In fact, Ben Shapiro has been busy doing his thing. With logic and common sense, he has been exposing young voters to conservatism.

In direct contrast, Disney’s goal has been to induct young voters into liberalism.

A Disney director, by the name of James Gunn decided it would be great to attack Ben Shaprio. Gunn’s most notable film is Dawn of the Dead.

Gunn also wrote for Scooby Doo in his early career. Oh. And he wrote and directed James Gunn’s PG Porn. Now, isn’t that scary?

Shaprio makes leaps and bounds with the millennial voters, and Disney execs can’t have THAT

Gunn has a friend. Another director named, Mark Duplass. Mark tweets in support of Ben Shapiro. Mark Duplass “committed the sin of endorsing conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and calling him a “genuine person,” as reports the Daily Caller.

Duplass took a TON of heat and the backlash was so great that he took his tweet down. However, Gunn tweets in support of Duplass but degrades Shapiro.

Gunn tweets per DC, “Maybe you disagree with Mark Duplass, which is completely fair (personally I think even Ben Shapiro’s mother should unfollow him).”

His tweet continues, “But that doesn’t make Duplass’ point-of-view evil. There are a lot of traitors & racists in the country today. Perhaps save the outrage for them.”

Molly Prince and Joe Simonson with The Daily Caller dig into Gunn’s tweet history and what they found is disturbing to say the least.


As it turns out, as is typical with Hollywood liberals, when they attack they are often describing themselves. In Gunn’s tweet he says “there are a lot of traitors and racists in the country today.” And he should know…as he is one of them.

The following tweets are offensive. To see ALL of them, please click here.






In closing, with sick people like James Gunn working at Disney, it’s easy to see why Ben Shapiro has been such a success, do you agree?