Strzok And Page Will Toss & Turn All Night After What Gaetz Just Blasted Over TV

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The public testimony of Peter Stzok is about to go down, and Rep. Gaetz can hardly wait.

On Wednesday, Gaetz made an appearance on Lou Dobbs and shined some light on what the public should expect to see happen on Thursday when Strzok finally faces Congress in a blockbuster open-door hearing. Video Below

Gaetz started out by telling Lou that in recent days Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are showing Americans “how guilty people behave.”

Strzok and his attorneys looked to be getting cold feet before his public hearing is set to take place, while Page straight-up defied Congress and was a no-show at her scheduled closed-door hearing on Wednesday.

Gaetz reminded the country that IG Horowitz already declared that the “bias of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok cast a cloud over their investigative activities.”

Video Below

Gaetz laid in to Page first, doubling down on earlier remarks made by Bob Goudlatte and Paul Ryan, saying she better show up in Congress this week or she should face contempt proceedings. He is troubled by the fact that Page sent out messages in support of Hillary Clinton instead of fully investigating her like what her job entailed.

Gaetz then raised eyebrows when he declared that during Strzok’s time in front of Congress on Thursday, it will be exposed how Strzok’s bias was known by Special Counsel Mueller. But Mueller apparantly didn’t care. Gaetz said:

“Time and again Strzok showed bias and Mueller didn’t ask about it which probably means he didn’t want to hear the answers. That’s the real story we will expose tomorrow.” Video Below

Gaetz Blasts Peter Strzok And Lisa Page

After what Gaetz just said to Lou Dobbs, there is no doubt the rest of this week will be jam-packed & full of excitement on Capitol Hill!

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