New Revelation Shows Exactly How Rosenstein Is In Cahoots With Mueller’s Witch Hunt

Ellis finds Rosensteins mandate to Mueller gang legally broad and motions against Manafort for 2013 activity in indictments. Image credit to US4Trump screen captures.Ellis finds Rosensteins mandate to Mueller gang legally broad and motions against Manafort for 2013 activity in indictments. Image credit to US4Trump screen captures.

The Washington Times reports on the Judgement that was handed down in the Manafort case. Moreover, the Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein is right in the middle of the Witch Hunt.

Manafort lost his case. Manafort’s attorneys insisted that the Mueller Special Counsel did not have the right to investigate him. Since what he was indicted for had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 2016 Presidential Campaign. 

The Mueller Special Counsel “brought charges of income tax evasion and money laundering stemming from millions of dollars Mr. Manafort was paid by the pro-Russia political party of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.” These charges began in late 2013. Far before Donald Trump had decided to run for the Presidency.

The Washington Times reports, United States District Judge T.S. Ellis III, was “critical of Mr. Mueller and his top Manafort prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann. He accused the Mueller team of an ulterior motive, saying they charged Mr. Manafort as a way to get their true target: Mr. Trump.”

However, when Ellis asks the Mueller team for the original mandate that Rod Rosenstein wrote to Bob Mueller. Because he wanted to see if the mandate did indeed give the Mueller team such great power.

After reading it, sadly, Ellis delivers a denial “to dismiss the indictment because the purported conduct had nothing to do with the 2016 election,” reports The Washington Times.

You see, Rosenstein cleverly wrote a VERY BROAD witch hunt order to Mueller. Specifically, he used the fated phrase “any link”. Mueller has the power to investigate “any link to Russia. Ellis did the right thing and acknowledged from a legal precedent the witch hunt has the right to exist. To read more in detail click here.

However, on the bright side – even though the Witch Hunt has the right to exist. It doesn’t mean it can WIN in court.

Yesterday, Rogers Stone WON the lawsuit filed by two DNC donors last year and the anti-trump resistant group, Protect Democracy. Fox reports, Judge Ellen Huvelle “tossed a lawsuit claiming that the Trump campaign and former adviser Roger Stone colluded with WikiLeaks and the Russian government to publish hacked Democratic National Committee emails during the presidential election.”

Judge Huvelle tossed the Stone/Trump campaign lawsuit out of Court citing, the “Trump campaign and Stone’s alleged actions to the nation’s capital were too flimsy for the case to proceed in a Washington, D.C., court.” Click here to read more on that decision.

In ending, what do you think of Rosenstein cleverly writing in the mandate for the Mueller gang to be able to go after, basically, anything? And what do you think of the Judge who says, you can go after it but it’s too “flimsy” and so I am tossing it out? Drop your comment below and join the conversation!