BRUTAL: Antifa Crashes The Freedom Rally, INSTANTLY Get Manhandled

Antifa protests in Philadelphia. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.Antifa protests in Philadelphia. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.

This is, in part, from a story written by Daniel Penny entitled An Intimate History of Antifa.

“On October 4, 1936, tens of thousands of Zionists, Socialists, Irish dockworkers, Communists, anarchists, and various outraged residents of London’s East End gathered to prevent Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists from marching through their neighborhood. This clash would eventually be known as the Battle of Cable Street: protesters formed a blockade and beat back some three thousand Fascist Black Shirts and six thousand police officers. To stop the march, the protesters exploded homemade bombs, threw marbles at the feet of police horses, and turned over a burning lorry. They rained down a fusillade of projectiles on the marchers and the police attempting to protect them: rocks, brickbats, shaken-up lemonade bottles, and the contents of chamber pots. Mosley and his men were forced to retreat.”

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Portland, Oregan held a Free Speech rally this weekend. Antifa thought it would be a great idea to crash it and protest. A fearless Oregan local attempts to unmask the young person screaming for him to “GET OUT”. The Antifa child dressed from head to toe in black, with a covered face was preventing the patron from entering the Public park.

When the gentleman asked, “Who are you?” and attempts to unmask him. The child begins to scream “That’s assault”. Then the young person lies, and says “he grabbed me by the neck.” Which clearly, the video shows otherwise. And so “VERY FAKE NEWS” made it available to the public!

The irony, of course, is that Antifa is anti-police. Yet, the call for help from the Police was immediate by the Anitfa member.

Also, notice how Antifa holds onto the woman and keeps her from moving. She appears to be the gentleman’s spouse.

Additionally, this is a good example of how ‘fake news’ is created. They take an incident then, basically, twist it to suit their agenda.

WATCH as fearless Oregon Local goes up against Antifa.

This weekend, Pro America supporters scatter Antifa like cockroaches.

WATCH the video below as a Patriot MANHANDLES an Antifa. 

Furthermore, as posted by Trump Crusaders, Antifa is pushed back by the American patriots. WATCH video below.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the States, in Philadelphia, who can forget this famous ad from Craigslist seeking paid protesters?

Craigslist post seeking paid protesters. Photo credit to Craigslist.

Craigslist post seeking paid protesters. Photo credit to Craigslist.

Turn the clock back to February of this year and check out Antifa getting KNOCKED OUT for their antics. 

University of Washington Feb 20, 2018 – Seattle, Washington. Antifa goes up against Patriotic Americans. Antifa, argue for “Rules instead of Laws.”  Then the conversation turns from push to shove. And Antifa gets knocked out. Cold. The Police enter the scene and the crowd disburses.
WATCH below:

In ending, do you think Antifa is on it’s way out of America?