Rush Limbaugh Brings Forth A Jaw Dropping Notion After IG Report Proves Obama Lied

Rush Limbaugh tells WHY Obama is in hiding during June 26, 2018 podcast. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.Rush Limbaugh tells WHY Obama is in hiding during June 26, 2018 podcast. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

Wow! Has anyone seen Obama lately? Is he in hiding? Rush Limbaugh is certainly wanting to know the answer!

Especially after Yahoo! allowed an article titled “IG Report confirms Obama lied about Hillary’s emails.” It’s almost unbelievable that Yahoo! allowed the article to run, but they did. And Rush offers us his idea of WHY.

Furthermore, the article by the Washington Times proves that Obama flat-out LIED to the American people about when he knew about Hillary’s illegal server.

The Washington Time states:

“The fact that President Barack Obama lied to the American people when he claimed he only learned of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, non-secure, non-governmental email server while she was Secretary of State.

In March 2015, when the Clinton email scandal was first breaking, CBS White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Obama about his knowledge of the matter:

Plante: Mr. President, when did you first learn that Hillary Clinton used an email system outside the U.S. government for official business while she was secretary of state?

Obama: The same time everybody else learned it through news reports.

Additionally, during Rush Limbaugh’s podcast yesterday, he offers his thoughts on WHY Obama lied to the American people about what Obama knew and when he knew it.

Moreover, Rush suggests the reason we are not seeing Obama speaking around the Country or even out of the Country right now is because Obama knows he is about to be exposed!

Rush says, “I think, ladies and gentlemen, the real reason that Barack Hussein O has gone dormant and is essentially hiding or is invisible is because of what is going to come out in all of these investigations of the FBI and the Department of Justice.”

The veteran radio host continues, “What’s going to come — well, it already has. I mean, it’s already there to be learned and digested. It’s just a matter of it having be proclaimed as part of official investigatory record.”

“It was Barack Obama, I think it’s gonna be confirmed, who ordered the spying, the tapping, and even if he didn’t order it, he authorized it. He knew,” Rush proclaims.

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In closing, now that it has been exposed that Obama was complicit in the Hillary Clinton email scandal cover up – when do you think the main stream media will begin to cover it?