Meadows Goes Ballistic After What He Discovers About The Recent Docs DOJ Handed Over

Meadows sees the documents were not complete from DOJ and FBI. Calls for Rosenstein's impeachment increase. Image credit to US4Trump with screen grabs and enhancements.Meadows sees the documents were not complete from DOJ and FBI. Calls for Rosenstein's impeachment increase. Image credit to US4Trump with screen grabs and enhancements.

The Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows (NC-R) is livid. Furthermore, after what he discovers, it appears, the DOJ and FBI are continuing to stonewall documents.

Meadows and the rest of the congressmen who are involved in the investigation of the DOJ and FBI should be red in the face over the obvious tactics to keep them from discovering what may very well be damaging information.

Otherwise, why would Rosenstein simply turn over the documents if there is nothing incriminating in them?

In a big show, the DOJ and FBI handed over SOME of the documents before the weekend to meet the subpoena requirements. The Washington AP reports via the SF Gate, The Justice Department says it has given House Republicans new classified information related to the Russia investigation after lawmakers had threatened to hold officials in contempt of Congress or even impeach them.”

Furthermore, yesterday an aide from Paul Ryan’s office says the “department has partially complied with subpoenas.” 

The loot of docs are a PARTIAL allotment of what the House has been seeking for MONTHS. They even had to threaten impeachment of Rod Rosenstein over receiving them.

In April, Goodlatte, Nunes and Gowdy began the process of seeking key documents. Furthermore, in June, House members accused the DOJ of trying to “intimidate” committee members. Then earlier this month, the impeachment threat of Rosenstein got real if they didn’t fork over the documents by this Friday.

Well, the DOJ and FBI did hand some over, but…as Mark Meadows tweets after he discovers WHAT was in them: 

“New reports of DOJ/FBI compliance with document requests are NOT accurate. While they have turned over additional documents, the new documents represent a small percentage of what they owe. The notion that DOJ/FBI have been forthcoming with Congress is false.”

Additionally, NewsMax discovers, in a BLOCKBUSTER statement according to Jim Jordan, Speaker of the House Ryan states, “…the full House goes on record and tells the Department of Justice. If you don’t give us what we have within a certain time period we’ll move to the next step.”

The resolution comes first, if Rosenstein doesn’t comply, then it’s contempt and we’re prepared to file articles of impeachment against Mr. Rosenstein if he doesn’t give the House of Representatives and Congress — a separate and equal branch of government — to give us the documents to get answers for you, the press, and the American people. We’re at the end of the line.”

In ending, make no mistake. The DOJ and FBI are NOT complying with the document requests as they should be. Even after being subpoenaed and under the threat of impeachment.

In closing, why do you suppose that is? Why do you think Congress is being stonewalled? Should Rosenstein be impeached? Drop a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking!

In ending, if you would like to see Rosenstein impeached then contact your State Representatives and Senators and tell them! Click here for easy access.