Peter Strzok Breaks His Silence, Sends Shockwaves Through DC With An Unexpected Move

Peter Strzok, CBS News

Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok has faced mounting criticism since Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his IG report to the public.

Strzok is in the hot seat and appears to be fully aware of the repercussions. So much that his lawyer released a statement in response to growing calls for the special agent to explain his alleged hate-filled, Anti-Trump texts and his involvement in key cases that were brought forth in the IG report. And his statement is quite stunning to say the least. See It Below

Apparently, Strzok is ready to give his own account and provide answers to Congress over information the IG brought forth in his report.

An agent, who many have identified as Strzok, is seen in various texts to another agent making statements that (many critics say) shows bias towards President Trump.

In one text, Strzok says, “Viva le resistance.” In another, he discusses an “insurance policy” to handle Donald Trump if he wins the election. And in another he even tells another FBI agent that he will stop Trump from becoming President.

Such text messages led Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte to threaten a subpoena for Strzok to testify before Congress. (You can read more on that HERE) However, Strzok appears to now be ready to come forth on his own, at least according to a letter released by his attorney that can be seen below.

On Sunday Peter Strzok’s attorney Aitan Goelman sent a letter to Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte saying there is no longer a need to issue a subpoena for Strzok.

The attorney said Special Agent Strzok “intends to voluntarily appear and testify before ypur committee and any other Congressional Committee that invites him.” 

You can see the full letter below.

Letter to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte From Peter Strzok’s Attorney

Goodlatte has said in a recent interview that he has tried for quite some time to get Strzok in front of the committees. So obviously, the IG report is putting some fire under Strzok to do so as there are now far more questions than answers.

Amd now with the letter asking for no immunity or anything of the such, you can only wonder if he has any relevant information that can get him off the hook and potentially incriminate others he worked for (Comey and McCabe).

Do you think Strzok will provide the answers the Congressional Committees are looking for? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts on this.