Tom Fitton Drops A New BOMBSHELL That Implicates Comey, Mueller and The FBI

FBI releases incriminating emails to Judicial Watch. Image credit to US4Trump with screen captures.FBI releases incriminating emails to Judicial Watch. Image credit to US4Trump with screen captures.

America’s watchdog, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is back in action. And he’s sporting a BLOCKBUSTER revelation from emails that he demanded from the FBI and finally received!

It has been CONFIRMED, without a shadow of a doubt that James Comey met with Robert Mueller BEFORE his June 2017 testimony in front of Congress. (VIDEO BELOW.)

There’s nothing like a little collusion between the former FBI Director and Head of the Special Counsel. The Obama administration has thoroughly been disgraced for creating a Banana Republic type culture.

Moreover, the irony of the Special Counsel endlessly seeking collusion inside the Trump campaign yielding a big goose egg has not escaped the American people.

Fitton explains how Judicial Watch has had to sue twice for the documents. The FBI has been stonewalling for months.

Furthermore, Tom discusses the timeline. He reminds us that Comey was fired. Then he spoke with Mueller. Then, testified to Congress. During his testimony he admitted to leaking one of his Trump meeting memos to his ‘friend’, who then leaked them to the failing New York Times. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Judicial Watch reports, “At the hearing, Comey revealed that he had intentionally leaked material from a memo allegedly documenting a meeting with President Trump in order to help assure the appointment of a special counsel.”

I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. Didn’t do it myself, for a variety of reasons. But I asked him to, because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. – James Comey, Congressional Testimony June 8, 2017 

Tom says, “We finally got some documents.” He then tells us what they say. “They show friendly, easy going emails between the FBI and James Comey after he was fired. And with the FBI recommending that Comey talk to Mueller about his Senate testimony,” Fitton says.

And with THAT, fellow Americans, collusion is defined between Mueller and Comey. Specifically, it appears Mueller failed to look in the mirror for the collusion he has been seeking inside the Trump campaign. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Fitton continues and states, “So this is the first documentary evidence that the FBI had helped Comey along. And got him to talk to the Mueller operation about this Anti-Trump Russia testimony.”

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch are the first to reveal that high-ranking FBI officials helped Comey coordinate his testimony with Mueller,” cites Judicial Watch in Washington D.C.JW tweets:

“JW President : “Judicial Watch uncovered some new emails that are pretty startling, because they show collusion between James Comey, Robert Mueller, & the FBI in Comey’s anti-Trump Russia testimony last year before the Senate. ” Learn more here:”

WATCH the video below as Tom Fitton reveals what the newly released emails detail:

In closing, what do you think of this EVIDENCE in front of the Inspector General’s report tomorrow? Drop a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking!