DEM DEFEAT: Supreme Court Ruling Has Democrats Scurrying Back To The Drawing Board

SCOTUS rules with Ohio on voter fraud. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with Reuters, Screen Grabs and Abaca Press.SCOTUS rules with Ohio on voter fraud. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with Reuters, Screen Grabs and Abaca Press.

When Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election, something amazing happened. Specifically, his ability to appoint a conservative Justice to the United States Supreme Court after conservative Judge Antonin Scalia passed away in February of 2016.

At that point, the 9 member SCOTUS team, tipped to the liberals. When President Trump was able, he appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch and tipped the balance of the Supreme Court back to a 5-4 Conservative majority!

This is perhaps, one of President Trump’s biggest wins for the American people! Today, in a close ruling of 5-4 voter fraud took a HUGE win in the Supreme Court. And this has left the leftist’s crying in their Wheaties!

Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch tweeted just moments ago. He says, “Fantastic ruling for clean elections by the Supreme Court today. In fact, the High Court upheld a settlement agreement between Ohio and to help clean voter rolls in Ohio. Leftists opposed to election integrity suffered a big defeat today.

Additionally, in a not-so-joking manner, one twitter user quipped, “Dead people have been voting in Chicago (and suburbs) for decades! Purge them here too!”

The Washington Times describes, “Justice Samuel A. Alito, writing the majority opinion in the 5-4 ruling, said the court wasn’t taking a position on whether cleaning the rolls was a good policy. But he said a 1993 law clearly says states are supposed to do it, and Ohio’s process. Which allows people to be removed if they haven’t voted in six years. And fail to return a notice saying they will be removed — is legal.”

The Washington Times cites, “We have no authority to second-guess Congress or to decide whether Ohio’s Supplemental Process is the ideal method for keeping its voting rolls up to date,” Justice Alito wrote. “The only question before us is whether it violates federal law. It does not.

Moreover the Times states, “He also seemed to side with those who say the potential for voting fraud exists. Citing statistics that show some 2.75 million people are listed in two different states at the same time. And a total of 24 million names. About one out of every eight names on registrars’ lists nationwide — have some major inaccuracy.”

In closing, do you think it’s a good idea to clean up the voter rolls to prevent fraud? Drop a comment below!