Chuck Woolery Discovers Perfect Way To Troll Political Elite Around The World

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Hollywood star Chuck Woolery may have been the famous host of the show Love Connection, but he doesn’t have much love for all-talk, no-action political elitists.

Woolery has stepped in the political ring in his latter years, even hosting his own podcast Blunt Force Truth to help keep Americans informed on key issues and happenings that mainstream news fails to discuss on a day-to-day basis.  After witnessing how the news and politicians, as a whole, have treated President Trump, Woolery is ready to give them a dose of their own medicine.

Despite President Trump’s successful tenure that includes turning around America’s successful economy, establishing stronger relations with allies and bringing peace on the Korean peninsula, among many other accomplishments, Woolery thinks the President is treated unfairly.

And he likely feels this way after living through decades of politicians who haven’t come close to fulfilling their campaign promises like Trump has. In fact, Woolery thinks politicians “purposely create problems” more than they solve them.

Woolery is often seen on Twitter trolling the Left, D.C. establishment, and political elitists. And he dropped another zinger during President Trump’s trip abroad to the G7, and then to Singapore for a historic meeting with Kim Jong Un to discuss a potential peace agreement.

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Likely referring to President Trump’s current mission overseas, Woolery stated:

is running around solving problems and driving the absolutely nuts. I guess he just doesn’t understand the game. You don’t solve problems. You create problems, promise to solve them, then continually run for reelection on them. Trump is a .”

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Many critics have argued that President Trump got elected because the electorate grew tired of the same old nonsense they’ve seen for years out of former Presidents and politicians. So they ultimately handed the job to an outsider who was determined to go against the norm that’s been seen out of Washington.

And so far, Trump’s promise-keeping methodology has been the “game changer” Chuck Woolery is referring to, and quite possibly the best thing that has happened to America in years.