With Just Four Words, Fitton Sends Shivers Down Spines Of All Leakers After James Wolfe Arrest

James Wolfe, Senate staffer indictment for leaking. Image credit to DaggerNews screen capture compilation and enhancement.James Wolfe, Senate staffer indictment for leaking. Image credit to DaggerNews screen capture compilation and enhancement.

James Wolfe. Remember that name. It’s the first indictment for leakers. The faucet is wide open in D.C. and  sensitive information leaks everywhere. Wolfe, not to be confused with James Wolfe of the 1759 Battle of The Plains fame, is a staffer in the Senate. Wolfe has been roaming the hallowed halls of the Senate for 29 years.

One Down! According to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, there are “27 leak investigations at DOJ. This is the first indictment. 26 more to go?” he tweets. And with THAT, there are 26 people in D.C. who are probably having trouble sleeping tonight. To read the indictment in full, click here. (MORE BELOW.)    

See tweet below: 

Wolfe faces up to five years for each false statement he made to a government agency. He was communicating with four reporters over an encrypted application called “Signal and Whats-App” as well as in person. He also used regular phone calls and other forms of communications with several reporters. The reporters work at various publications like, the New York Times and Politico.

One of the reporters, it appears was his paramour. The pair met in “secluded areas of the Hart Senate Office Building. Restaurants, bars and private residences,” as per page five of the indictment. They also exchanged “tens of thousands” of text messages. 

Fox News reports:

Wolfe allegedly admitted to FBI agents in 2017 that he lied about his relationship with a reporter identified in court papers as “REPORTER #2.” He admitted the relationship after he was shown photos of the two of them together, according to the indictment.

Wolfe was allegedly in contact with “REPORTER #2” and they exchanged tens of thousands of electronic communications and often daily phone calls. He would also meet at the reporter’s apartment, court papers alleged.

Wolfe is to testify on Friday.

In closing, who do you think will be the next to be indicted for leaking? Adam Schiff? Drop a comment below and let us know.