Gregg Jarrett Ruins Comey’s Confidence With A Monster Clinton Scandal Revelation

Gregg Jarrett on Hannity show 6/5/2018. If McCabe offered immunity, then Comey in hot seat. Image credit to US4trump compilation with Hannity/ WCBV screen grabs.

Last night on the Sean Hannity Show, Sara A. Carter and Gregg Jarrett joined together for an EXPLOSIVE discussion on the Inspector General’s report. The report is regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal and how it was handled by the corrupt Obama-era FBI and DOJ. Moreover, the IG report was completed two weeks ago.

Furthermore, the American people have yet to see it. The concern is that the report will be released on the day of the NOKO summit. Or it might be released on Friday for a “Friday summer dump,” as Hannity refers to it! Moreover, the leftist media hopes the story is buried in the news cycle. (VIDEO BELOW.)

McCabe and Comey can run but they can’t hide! 

Additionally, the trio are concerned that since the DOJ and FBI have the power to look over the report first. That they will redact it and keep vital information away from the American people. Why? To protect their reputations and not for the reasons of “National Security.”

Fox News Insider reports that Jarrett who is a legal analyst says, “word of a possible immunity deal for former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe puts James Comey on the hot seat. McCabe is in legal jeopardy, we know that.” Jarrett said that if McCabe ‘sings like a canary’ regarding the Clinton email scandal and alleged shady activity when it comes to probing the Trump campaign, Comey is in trouble.”

The Insider continues, “he said McCabe would then likely tell investigators how Comey allegedly ‘usurped the power of the attorney general’ and gave false testimony to Congress four times by Jarrett’s count.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Specifically, Jarrett has proof that Comey lied to Congress- four times. Furthermore, this is what the Inspector General’s report most likely points to. And it is why Rosenstein and Wray are slow walking the IG report. Moreover, recall when James Comey spoke for then Attorney General,  Loretta Lynch during the Clinton email scandal?

It was the July 5th speech. Where Comey took over the role of the Attorney General. It was the DOJ that should have been deciding if the Clinton Email scandal case should be tried. And not the FBI. The FBI investigates. Moreover, the FBI is not the trial, jury and Judge.


In closing, why do you suppose the Inspector General is slow walking the report? For political reasons or not? And do you think McCabe should be given immunity to rat out Comey? Drop a comment below. We definitely want to know what you’re thinking about it!