Sean Spicer Comes Forward, Gives A Sound Response On The Samantha Bee Controversy

Sean Spicer, Samantha Bee via TMZ and TBS Screen Shots

Samantha Bee is having a rough time trying to get off the hook after calling Ivanka Trump the c-word. Bee may have apologized for her crude remarks, but that hasn’t stopped key sponsors from dropping her and mounting calls from the public for TBS to fire the so-called comedian.

Former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, was recently spotted in New York City by reporters, and he gave his take on the situation surrounding Samantha Bee. Video Below

When asked by TMZ about Samantha Bee, Spicer said that he is glad she apologized, since her comments directed at the President’s daughter were “completely out of bounds and inappropriate.”

Spicer, however, doesn’t think an apology is enough, especially after what ABC did to Roseanne after sending out a controversial tweet.

Video Below

When asked if Bee should be able to keep her show, Spicer was firm in his response. He said:

“There’s clearly a double standard. Right now you see Roseanne losing hers. And I think that what Samantha be did was inappropriate and wrong. And I think Turner needs to make that decision, but I think the right decision is to cancel the show.”

When asked if there’s a difference between Roseanne’s and Bee’s comments, Spicer said “one’s racist, one’s sexist, but in both cases they’re inapproriate.” Video Below

Sean Spicer Comes Out of Nowhere And Sounds Off On Samantha Bee

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