EPIC RETALIATION: Nunes RIPS Dems Pinning Informant Leaks On Republicans

Nunes, Clapper, Schiff via Dagger News Compilation

Earlier this morning, Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-R), House Intelligence Committee Chairman joined Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Nunes made public the scheme to ensnare Republican congressional lawmakers in the leak that occurred late Friday night.

Friday night, the information on the “informant” in the Trump campaign was leaked to the media. Just prior to the explosive leak, the DOJ had invited Nunes and Gowdy to visit with them regarding the final pieces of information they have been seeking on the FISA documents. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Since the original FISA documents were not going to be produced, Gowdy and Nunes did not attend the Friday night meeting.

Nunes explains, “we had a productive meeting with the DOJ – what I thought was a productive meeting. And after that meeting they have done nothing but leak and leak and leak.”

Nunes continues, “Now we don’t know who it is over at the DOJ or FBI. I’m not pinning any blame on people. But. We’re not going to go, to another meeting where we don’t get documents and then the meeting leaks out.”

The congressional chair responds, “And this should make people VERY suspicious. They were trying to get Mr. Gowdy and I to go on Friday to the Department of Justice. Supposedly, for another briefing. We said, ‘Look. Unless we’re going to get [FISA] documents. (We found out Thursday night that we were not going to get documents.) So, therefore; we’re not going to go.'” Well played congressmen, well played! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then Mr. Nunes confirms what the crooked Dems who are in cahoots with the leftist media, didn’t want us to know. He says, “If you look what happened Friday night. Probably, the Mother Of ALL LEAKS of all time. Two major newspapers that came out late Friday night. Had Mr. Gowdy and I went to THAT meeting. You can BET they would have tried to pin that on us.”

Nunes is referring to the leak about who the informant is, Stephen Halper. To read more on that click here and here.

WATCH the interview with Devin Nunes and Maria Bartiromo. You don’t want to miss this! VIDEO BELOW! 


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