Days After House Intel Cmte Finds Trump Innocent, Lawmaker Rocks Mueller With Stifling Ultimatum

Trump, Mueller via YouTube Screen Shots

The clock is ticking for special counsel Robert Mueller…that’s if a representative from Indiana gets his way after introducing a resolution in Congress on Thursday.

According to a report by Washington Examiner, Rep. Todd Rokita, R-IN, is fed up with the tax-draining investigation led by Mueller into whether or not President Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia. And he seeks to put an end to it within a matter of days. See Below

As per the Examiner, Rokita’s resolution calls for Mueller to end his investigation, “unless he can prove he’s made progress examining the possible links between Russia and the Trump administration.”

In his released statement, Rokita is quoted as saying:

“The Mueller investigation has dragged on for nearly a year at a cost of tens of millions of dollars without producing a shred of evidence of collusion — the matter it was tasked with investigating in the first place. I expect a valid progress report within the next 30 days or the investigation should be terminated.”

“No one in government should be without accountability, and for many Americans, this investigation looks more like an attempt by the Washington elite to destroy President Trump with innuendo, leaks, and baseless allegations than to provide justice.” Continued Below

The Examiner states that Rokita’s proposed resolution stands low chance of getting pushed through. However, it puts the spotlight back on the year-long, multi-million dollar investigation based on a fake dossier, as many Americans wonder when and if it will ever end and if there is an ulterior motive behind it all.

Rokita is not the only representative who thinks Mueller’s investigation is a sham and needs to end. Recently Rep. Matt Gaetz voiced frustration with the Russian collusion investigation, and said it’s actually Hillary Clinton who colluded with Russia and cited the Steele Dossier. You can read more about HERE.

And this all comes after the House Intelligence Committee determined in a 253 page report that there was no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia. Trump lashed out about the ongoing “witch hunt” soon after the report was released, and his full response can be seen HERE.

We leave you with Matt Gaetz and Herman Cain sounding off on Mueller’s drawn out,
expensive investigation.