ROUND TWO: James Woods Puts Kamala’s Ideology On Red Alert, Deports It Back To Swampland

Kamala Harris, James Woods via Screen Capture, Jamesy Boy Motion Picture (2014) and Dagger News Compilation

James Woods’ lashing of Democrat Senator Kamala Harris reached new peaks on Monday after Harris made yet another statement in regards to the illegal immigrants of America.

This all comes after Woods recently scolded Harris over comments she made about Trump’s proposed border wall and joking about his death, which can be seen HERE. Continued Below

On Monday, Kamala took to Twitter to vent her reaction after reading an LA Times article about how illegal immigrants are not seeking proper health care in America out of fear of getting deported.

She wrote:

“Immigrant families are so afraid of being targeted by this Administration they are forgoing critical health care services. This is just wrong.”


And Woods wasted no time to stand up for America’s veterans and Homeless American citizens who he feels should actually be the primarily focus and a much bigger concern. Woods said:

“You know who isn’t getting critical health care? Homeless American citizens and overwhelming numbers of American veterans. THAT is what is just wrong.”

Social media soon erupted out of support for what Woods stated. One Twitter user defended Woods’ response to Kamala and assisted with a perfect statement that sums it up best when they said:

“Mr. Woods it’s around 500,000 people with around 10% being veterans. Thank you for calling attention to this but Kamala really doesn’t care unless the homeless will vote Democrat or work as protestors.”

It’s interesting to see how much Democrats have shifted nearly all of their attention on the safety and well-being for people who came to America illegally, and seem to have no regard for that of natural-born citizens and veterans who are struggling to make ends meet.

Afterall, shouldn’t homeless American citizens come first before, what one Congressman calls, people who are “invading” America? You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

In coming days, as Kamala Harris continues to make controversial statements, Woods is showing he will be there to knock them. And his response this time, once again was quite prevailing.

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