OP-ED: The Battle To Strip Guns From Americans Reaches A Crucial Turning Point

The Good News Is: Young people and others are demanding for a solution to the gun violence, including for inner-city communities that are suffering, not just at schools. Well, I say it’s about time!

One DC family is pushing for change to protect students after gun violence claimed their son’s life on the street.

DC has been a gun-free city for many years and has designated and identified “gun-free zones” around the city. None of these measures have prevented gun crimes. Rather, these policies have had the exact opposite effect.

DC, Detroit, Chicago, and New York City are among the top 10 cities for gun crimes. Without these cities, the United States becomes the second safest nation in the world out of 150 industrialized nations. #Facts

News-Flash! In virtually everyone one of these four cities guns are strictly prohibited. And all of their schools and other such facilities are “Gun-Free Zones”. It apparently isn’t working. Yet, they believe that expanding this policy will actually work.

Isn’t one definition of insanity to do more of the same and yet expect a different result?

If they pass a city ordinance, or legislation that allows for additional charges, prosecutions and penalties for those who bring a gun near schools, parks & recs, etc. What evidence do they have that such measures would reduce gun violence at schools and other locations where kids gather?

After all, people using guns to commit crimes or go on shooting rampages do not see the threat of prosecution and prison as a deterrent.

We have zero evidence from either the US or from other nations that such measures actually achieve positive results.

The Bad (and Ironic) News Is: Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, George Clooney, and several other celebrities attended last Saturday’s March for our lives… all with ARMED SECURITY. Furthermore, the streets around the capitol were cordoned off, and security checkpoints were set up.

All of the attendees had to pass through security checkpoints to make sure that no one had weapons. Only then could they move on to the main staging area for the rally. WUSA Channel 9 covering the events in DC said in their coverage that the attendees at the rally were “patient as they had to go through the security checkpoints”.

(Pictures of National Guard at the rally are HERE).

The Washington Post and other local news outlets published… “The Department of Homeland Security, working with D.C. police and the mayor’s office, set up a system to notify attendees of any security issues, warnings or detours.”

If they can be patient while they pass through a security checkpoint, if you and I can do so when we go to the airport, to an NFL game, or when we have to enter our local court house; it certainly will not require any more patience at our schools.

And, if someone complained or was showing impatience about having to pass through a security checkpoint at a public school, wouldn’t we simply tell them that the minor inconvenience is certainly worth protecting the lives of our kids and the schools they attend?

If we put such security measures in place at Public Schools, screening points, and armed security, you would never see another mass school shooting again. That’s what we mean by “hardening the target”. Criminals, and pychos do not pay attention to gun laws and the rules in gun-free zones. We do however have evidence that they avoid committing their crimes in places with various security measures and armed professionals because they either don’t want to be shot or caught.

We know this because such hardened targets almost never experience mass shootings. In the rare event that they do, the shooter is eliminated by the armed security professionals before a mass loss of life, and in many cases, with no loss of life.

It amazes me that those who attended these rallies last Saturday have failed to see the irony in this. The leaders and celebrities at the rallies had armed security, and the attendees has to pass through security checkpoints to gain access to the events. These types of security measures are exactly what many of us have said are needed at our schools for years now.

The school shootings would have been stopped, and kids lives in Parkland Florida and elsewhere would have been saved. We would not be experiencing most of the devastating outcomes we have suffered, if these security measures had been put in place.

There have been many school shootings in the past that have been stopped by armed security or armed police. There was one just last Thursday in Maryland. A shooter went into local high school, had already injured and shot two students, when the police officer assigned to the campus confronted the shooter and killed him.

But this incident did not make the national headlines in any big way. Why? Was it because the websites and media outlets could get more clicks if 10, 15, 20 or even 100 kids had been killed? Or, is it because the plain truth that a trained and armed police officer eliminated the threat quickly and before a kid was killed?

But that does not help the narrative and goals of gun-control advocates? We can only speculate, but they certainly ignored it for some reason.

There was a complete ban of semi-automatic rifles, including the AR-15, from 1994 to 2004. It had zero effect on reducing gun violence, including gun violence with semi-automatic rifles.

And Here is the Ugly News: The vast majority of both the youth and adults who attended the March for Our Lives are quite plainly uninformed. While I certainly empathize with their heartbreak, anger and outrage, it is unfortunately pointed in the wrong direction. Furthermore, they are being used and manipulated by those in our society who want to see the Second Amendment Repealed, and/or gun confiscations.

Do a simple search on Google and you will find a large number of political leaders, and other community leaders who are calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment and/or gun confiscations. They are not hiding in the shadows. They are available to for all of us to study.

Do they ever reveal or promote their genuine goals at these rallies? No, they don’t. What about the actual and irrefutable facts and statistics about gun violence and school shootings? They work very hard to have this information suppressed. And if they can’t suppress it, they simply ignore it, or worse; call people like me ugly names if we try to discuss the facts.

They count on the fact, or the expectation, that many of their audience members are simply not informed and won’t take the time to actually research these topics. Their narratives, and their agendas are pushed with emotions and emotionally charged rhetoric that is designed to motivate people to action, but never designed to motivate people to become informed.

If you think that banning guns or repealing the 2nd Amendment will stop shootings like this in the future. I am sorry, but that is a completely naive point of view. It is naive because you are not understanding the true source of the problem.

Until we understand the true source of the problem, we cannot be part of the solution. It is not a gun problem, it is a problem of evil in hearts of many in our communities. It is a problem with a culture that does not place intrinsic value in each individual life. It is a problem of some people who will never think of others first or before their own agendas, desires, and vices.

And people who suffer from such evils simply do not care about gun laws, gun restrictions; and they certainly do not give a hoot about your “Gun-free Zones”. These zones are merely an invitation to the predators among us to prey on the helpless and un-defended innocent citizens and children in our communities.

It also naïve because such measures have already been tried in places across this nation, as well as other nations, and it has always failed to produce the desired results. On the flip side, places in our nation and other nations where citizens are allowed their natural right to self-defense, and use guns to defend themselves, their families and property; these are the localities that have the lowest rates of gun crimes.

And schools in nations such as Switzerland, Israel, etc. who provide armed security at their schools, have experienced either ZERO, or less than TWO school shootings in the last forty or fifty years.

But no – the advocates for “Gun Free Zones” successfully got these policies enacted in places like DC, NY, etc. The gun crimes in these localities have actually gone up over all, the killing of innocent kids and teens continues unabated, yet they want to double down on these failed policies. (Again – the definition of insanity).

Shannon Watts is a constant voice for gun-control yet has been discovered to benefit from having her own armed security detail. When exposed she explained it was due to her receiving threats — something normal citizens don’t have to worry about.

Uh, WRONG. Everyday citizens do have to worry about their safety and the safety of their children. If this was not the case, we would not be experiencing violence with guns, etc. We claim a right to self-defense and want security for our kids at schools. #DUH

Shannon Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action. She was a stay-at-home mom and former communications executive. The day after the Sandy Hook tragedy, Shannon started a Facebook group that launched her Moms Demand Action organization.

She now travels with armed security but fails to recognize that Sandy Hook Elementary, or the Parkland FL high school would not have suffered tragedies if our schools had the same security that she so willfully takes advantage of now. #Hypocrisy

Years ago, Harvey Weinstein had pledged to make a movie that would bring the NRA to its knees. He was on the Howard Stern program declaring there was no need for guns, and then he promptly left the studio flanked by his armed detail.

It’s rather remarkable to make your message invalid in minutes like that. Too bad he wasn’t interested in making a movie that would bring sexual predators to their knees… Just sayin’.

Michael Moore rose to fame by making an ostensibly anti-gun documentary, “Bowling for Columbine”. When he too was exposed as someone benefiting from gun-toting guards he explained that he was not carrying himself. He stated that trained individuals qualified to handle weapons were “doing the dirty work”.

Interesting that the general population does not have the disposable income to hire private mercenaries or security was not a factor in his mind. #CantFixStupid

Seems to me, that ALL OF THESE SIMPLE FACTS, bolsters the case for providing “trained individuals qualified to handle weapons”. They can do the important work of protecting and securing our children in schools!

Virtually no attendee at the March for our Lives appeared to be turning down any of the security they were provided. So why do they want to deny others the same security? Why don’t they want to protect kids in schools with the same security measures they were just afforded at last Saturday’s March for Our Lives?

Op Ed courtesy of Guest Author Patrick Miller. Patrick is conservative activist in North Carolina and has served as the Media & Communications Chair of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party. Having spent most of his adult life as an informed voter, Patrick joined and helped organize the grassroots. In Charlotte North Carolina, when Democrat Mayor Anthony Foxx proposed raising numerous taxes on Charlotte Residents during the height of the Great Recession.

Through this grassroots effort, Mayor Foxx’s new taxes initiative was defeated. After Patrick’s team successfully convinced several Democrat City Council members to switch their votes. Between 2013 & 2016, Patrick and his wife founded Rise-Up (a grassroots and educational organization).

They recruited volunteers to get conservative candidates elected or re-elected in North Carolina. His wife Desiree coordinating canvassers in support of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign. Through combined efforts with the Women Speak Out PAC. His wife helped make sure more than 500,000 doors were knocked on in North Carolina to ensure that Trump won the State.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Miller