Former Al Qaeda Captive Breaks Silence, Uncovers Trench Of Deeper Comey & Mueller Misconduct

American photo journalist, Matt Schrier, captured by Al Qaeda Syrians, escapes and tells EXCLUSIVE story to Catherine Herridge about shoddy treatment by Mueller/Comey era FBI. Photo credit to screen grabs by Dagger News.American photo journalist, Matt Schrier, captured by Al Qaeda Syrians, escapes and tells EXCLUSIVE story to Catherine Herridge about shoddy treatment by Mueller/Comey era FBI. Photo credit to screen grabs by Dagger News.

American photo journalist, Matt Schrier, is an American hero. He escaped captivity in a Syrian Al Qaeda jail in 2013. Where the Obama-era FBI left him to rot in a war-torn foreign enemy land.

Matt’s story ended well, as he lived to tell us about it. Unlike other American’s captured in enemy territory, who have not been so lucky. Make no mistake, his escape, was NO THANKS to the Obama-era FBI. What he received from the FBI under Mueller and Comey were, “lies, betrayal, nothing.” (Watch the video below of this EXCLUSIVE Herridge Report.)

Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligence correspondent for the Fox News Channel reports: 

Herridge begins with, “we have been investigating Matt Schrier’s story for three weeks. And one of the most extraordinary things is that he lived to tell it. Most American’s were savagely executed or they’re still missing.”

Matt Schrier responded, “Not every FBI agent is bad. I realize that. Some are very good people. But the ones that are bad need to be weeded out. And the ones who let them be bad, and who turn their head, need to be exposed.”

Matt was kidnapped by an Al Queda franchise on December 31, 2012. And for seven months he was held in six different prisons. Also, Catherine asked him if he was tortured. Yes, he was tortured. Matt described it, and shared the following description. (Continued below.) 

“Yes. They caught me trying to escape. So they flip you over. So that your feet are in the air. And you are handcuffed. And they take a cable about this thick. [Matt made the ‘OK’ hand signal.] About as thick as a night stick. And they whack your feet.”

Al Queda did more that though. Additionally, records indicated six weeks after Matt disappeared. Al Queda “started draining his bank accounts.”

Essentially, they took over his identity. And the FBI became involved because his mother was contacting them non-stop. (Continued below.)

The FBI gets involved and misleads Matt’s family after discovering Matt’s identity theft. The Mueller FBI Lied. 

Matt’s mother was mislead by the Obama-era FBI and it was implied that Matt had gone against his Country and joined Al Qaeda. FBI Agent Peroni told Matt’s mother, “Everything at this point seems to indicate he is the one using his phone, credit card, and bank account.”

Why would the Obama-era FBI lie to Matt’s mother? The Mueller FBI Betrays Matt. 

Because the terrorists were purchasing laptops and tech equipment with Matt’s identity. Then the FBI would be able to trace the equipment and keep tabs on Al Qaeda. Once this EXCLUSIVE revelation was made, Catherine then asked Matt, “You’re saying the FBI sacrificed your safety in order to track Al Qaeda?” He confirmed, yes.

Catherine then said, “that’s a BIG allegation to make.” Although the FBI would not make Agent Peroni available,  the FBI responded and said, “Matt’s theory is plausible.”

The CIA and FBI debriefed him. And for his trouble Matt asked for help getting his identity back. The Mueller FBI helps him with nothing. 

Matt said he is a witness and gave them “more information than 50 informants.” When Matt asked for the same privilege as informants who are drug dealers and pimps in the Witness Protection Program, to help re-establish his credit and identity, he was given no help.

Additionally, the American photo journalist said “I’m a witness too, and I didn’t do any of that stuff.” Matt is still upset that he has received no help from the Obama-era FBI after sacrificing and having his identify stolen and no assistance in return.

Matt said, in fact, from the Obama-era FBI what he has received from them are, “Lies, Betrayal, Nothing.” The FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him.  Video Below

Watch Matt’s Story Unfold in the Video Below with this EXCLUSIVE Herridge Report.  

In closing, to read about Matt’s escape see his book at Barnes and Noble, The Dawn Prayer”.

It was written five years after his incredible experience in Syrian Al Qaeda captivity. In ending, drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts on how Mueller and Comey operated the FBI.

Also, do you think the current FBI will help out with restoring his credit and identity that the former FBI ravaged? Additionally, do you think it would be fair in lieu of his incredible service to this country?

h/t Fox News and Catherine Herridge.