Transgender Gets Torn To Shreds After Admitting To Drugging Republicans With Estrogen Scripts

Transgender Barista claims to drug conservatives at Western Conservative Conference. Feature photo public Twitter, Western Journal and compilation by Dagger News.Transgender Barista claims to drug conservatives at Western Conservative Conference. Feature photo public Twitter, Western Journal and compilation by Dagger News.

If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times! The phrase, “Liberals ruin EVERYTHING”! And true to their word, they ruined the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday!

The Western Conservative Conference had great speakers like Herman Cain, Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch and Stephen Moore, Chief Economist of Heritage Foundation! But “Lauren”, at least that is what he/she identifies as on Twitter, claims to be spiking the coffee orders of conservatives at a Starbucks with estrogen pills! Why? Because they are conservative!

Lauren tweets that he/she is drugging conservatives, allegedly, at a local Starbucks! 

The tweet showed up around nine in the morning, and stated, “I love my job at the phoenix convention center starbucks. And i love slipping my spare estradiol pills in the coffee of anyone wearing a #WesternConservativeConference lanyard.” (See tweet below.)

Transgender Starbuck's employee claims drugging conservatives on Twitter. Photo credit to Transgender, Via Twitter, Western Journal/Compilation by Dagger News.

Photo credit to Public Profile on Twitter, Western Journal.

By the way, as reported by Western Journal, “estradiol is an estrogen steroid hormone and the major female sex hormone.” Great! So now we have crazed liberals running around and announcing on twitter that they are drugging anyone at a conservative conference simply because they have differing ideologies.

For such a small percentage of the population, the transgender group certainly knows how to grab national attention! Even if it is in the most vile, sick way!

Per Brietbart, “the offending tweet has since been removed, but was screen grabbed earlier by WND.comand  The same twitter user has since retweeted numerous replies to the original threatening tweet.”

Western Journal was able to capture some of the replies. Then the tweet was taken down! As you can see in the tweets, Lauren’s handle “@LLW902′ is no longer in existence.

The Americans who stepped up, basically said that Lauren’s tweet had been reported to Starbucks.

And another Patriot tweeted directly to Starbucks implying they might be sued over this tweet! And another mentioned they were shocked that someone would admit to drugging customers!

Also, Red Pill recommended the FBI get involved. We saved the best for last, though! Simply stating that liberals are mentally insane and Lauren’s tweet was proof! (See tweets below.) 

It’s true, liberals ruin EVERYTHING! Including coffee and conferences!

But don’t let that stop you from enjoying a cup of java out (maybe not Starbuck’s) or attending a conservative conference near you! They can’t ALL be this crazy!

It is shocking someone would actually put their drugs in a conservative’s coffee, then tweet about it simply because they disagree with you.

In closing, if you agree that liberals tend to ruin everything then drop a comment below!