CHECK-MATE: John Bolton Set To CRUSH The Media’s Henchmen With The Ultimate Payback

John Bolton, CPAC

President Trump took D.C. by storm on Thursday after he announced that H.R. McMaster was booted as National Security Advisor and replaced with former U.S. ambassador John Bolton.

The shake-up has many analysts wondering what a bold move means for the future of the White House. And new comments made by former White House insiders related to Bolton’s new role should have former Obama Administration staffers very concerned. See Below


According to Foreign Policy, Bolton plans to dismantle McMaster’s National Security Council, which potentially means dozens of employees will be fired.

President Trump has long been concerned by the leaks from the government officials to the media that plagued his first year in office, and he is determined to end it for good. Multiple sources say Bolton plans to start by letting go of disloyal holdovers from Barack Obama’s Administration, where the leaks are most likely coming from.

One former White House official is quoted as saying:

“Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.” Continued Below

Another official is quoted as saying, “Bolton can and will clean house.”

And one other official said:

“He is going to remove almost all the political [appointees] McMaster brought in.”

According to the report by Foreign Policy, Trump and Bolton have discussed staffing changes since at least last July, when Bolton was offered the job as McMaster’s deputy, which Bolton declined. And now that he is the new National Security Advisor and there is speculation that he will be replacing positions, analysts wonder if there is already a list of who is doomed to lose their jobs.

However, Republican consultant, Matthew Freedman, who is advising Bolton on changes and is said to be ambitious about “cleaning house,” is quoted as saying

“I can tell you there is no list.”

The relationship between Bolton and Trump is very strong and they see eye to eye on many policies and issues, both domestic and foreign. So whatever Bolton ultimately decides is likely out of the best interest of President Trump. And if we were to guess, President Trump probably feels a good house cleaning is much-needed and long overdue.

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